National Finals Canada CompetitionToshihide Uchiage was born in Richmond, British Columbia on April 15th 1985. He was exposed to karate at a young age due to both his parents, Takeshi and Kayoko, teaching at their own dojo. At the age of 5 he went from watching from the bench to taking part in the training. Toshihide would compete yearly at the Steveston International Tournament which the Steveston Karate Club hosts.

Although he was taking part in competitions he didn’t start to take things seriously until the age of 15. After watching his older sister Hidemi take part in the Canadian National Championships the previous year he decided to follow in the same footsteps.

In 2000, through the advice of his father, Toshihide made his competition debut in Kata. He went on to winning the Gold medal and hasn’t looked back since. Toshihide started to represent Canada at Jr. International competitions since 2000, and at Sr. International competitions since 2002. He has gone on to winning and capturing international medals representing Canada at major competitions including the North American Cup, Pan American Championships, Commonwealth Championships, and the WKF World Championships.

Toshihide continues to train in order to turn his WKF Bronze medal into a Gold medal. He also enjoys teaching and sharing the knowledge that he has gained with karate athletes of all levels. Through experiencing competition of the highest level, and training with many past World Champions, Toshihide pushes the standard of technicality to its limit, while still maintaining his personal philosophy of balancing tradition and sport.

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